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Sun grown with love from our garden to you


We believe in the power of sunshine, the light of the moon and the dreams in our stars and we know our cannabis does too! That's why we grow our cannabis from seed following the Stella Natura Calendar rhythms. We companion plant and love to grow flowers that attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. We don't use chemicals, liquid fertilizers, or pesticides. We compost and grow a cover crop each year and use a broad fork to mix it all together. For pest management we use beneficial predatory insects and allow nature to take care of the rest. When you purchase cannabis flowers grown by Sunbright Gardens, you are helping to support a small family garden. In doing so, we can continue to cultivate on the land we love in a community we cherish. 

>*<   Thank you for supporting small batch craft sun grown cannabis   >*<

Power to the Plant!


We believe in the power of this magical plant and strive to offer the most quality top shelf flowers for your medicinal or recreational needs. 

Our Sunbright Garden Friends!


We have 3 chocolate labs, 2 cats and lots of fun chickens cruising the land. Eating bugs, laying in the sun and reminding us about unconditional love.  

The Sunbright Team



Born and raised in Northern California, with over 10 years of cultivation experience. Founder of the Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group, uniting community and empowering small farmers in Mendocino County through education and policy outreach.

Gus & Mo have been cultivating together for over 10 years and have a baby boy named Kahlo.

Bringing our forces of creativity, love and passion for the cannabis plant together.



A 2nd generation gardener, with over 16 years of cultivation experience and a background in plant pathology. It's no wonder he loves what he does. 

How to Contact Us

Have questions about our flower offerings, curious about wholesale partnerships, or just want to chat? We'd love to hear from you!

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